We believe that a 4 Day Week will benefit our society, our economy, our environment and our democracy.




Strengthened communities – more time to build relationships, to care for children, the elderly and the disabled.


A fairer society – a more equal share of paid and unpaid work, including of caring roles traditionally ascribed to women.


Better mental & physical health – more time to exercise, eat a healthy diet and less time spent in meaningless and unfulfilling jobs.




More time to engage with politics, participate in local activities, become informed and campaign for change.




Lower unemployment – work is more evenly distributed between people who are overworked and people who are underworked or underemployed.




A more sustainable lifestyle – more time to cycle and walk instead of drive or cook with fresh ingredients rather than buy energy intensive ready meals.


A reduced carbon footprint – a move away from a convenience-led consumption that is damaging our environment.


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