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32 Hour Working Week Bill

We have the opportunity to change the future of work, our society, and the economy.


The Labour Party MP Peter Dowd, and former Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury, has tabled a bill in Parliament to reduce the maximum working week from 48 hours to 32 hours, giving “every British worker the chance of moving to a four-day week.”

We need your help in making sure that parliamentarians know how a 32 hour working week with no loss of pay is a win-win for both workers and employers. Writing to your MP is a quick and easy way to build the case for the four-day week.

When we take local action, it can lead to national change! To help get you started, we have drafted a template letter to use as a guide for what to include when contacting your MP.

Contacting your MP

Find out the contact details for your local MP here or you can use the TheyWorkForYou website contact form.

Template MP Letter



Show Your Support on Social Media


We would also like to urge you to show your support on social media by sharing this image and suggested post, and please @ your local MP.

"For a work-life balance that supports families, the environment and the economy:

I support the 32-hour working week bill.

#4dayweek #32hours"

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