Advice for workers and trade unions

The successful campaign for the weekend and the 40-hour working week back in the 1930s and 1940s was victorious because of the trade union movement and worker power.

We're long overdue another major reduction in working time but we can't rely on all bosses to make that change without pressure from below. Building on the history of the movement for shorter working time, our advice for employees wanting a four-day week is to:

  1. Organise at Work - Ideally this would mean joining a Trade Union and/or unionising your workplace, but could start with something as simple as starting a WhatsApp group for your colleagues.

  2. Seek support from your colleagues through your Trade Union branch meetings.

  3. Seek support from line managers. “Having line managers on board is crucial to implement a four-day working week so that all operational obstacles can be overcome before any implementation.” - The Conversation

  4. Use collective bargaining through your trade union to demand a four-day week with no loss of pay.

See our Reports and FAQs pages for more information on why and how to move to a four-day week.