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The 4 Day Week Campaign and flexible working consultancy Timewise have partnered to launch a second four-day week pilot in the UK this Autumn, with research support from University of Cambridge, Boston College and the Autonomy Institute.


The six-month pilot is scheduled to begin on November 4 with trainings and workshops starting in mid-September (download the workshop schedule here).


Applications to join the pilot are now open and you can book a Free 15 Minute Consultation anytime to discuss your organisations' participation in the scheme.

This time, the pilot will include organisations that would like to experiment with other forms of flexibility such as a shorter working week, flexible start & finish times, a nine-day fortnight or compressed hours. These organisations will also be able to take part and benefit from the support, guidance and insight provided through the pilot.


Whether you're at the beginning of your journey and want to learn more or getting ready to launch a trial, the pilot will provide you with all of the information and resources you need.​​



  • 6 weeks of training workshops will begin on Monday 23 September, taking place every week until 28 October (Download the full schedule here)

  • Monday 4 November - 6 month optional pilot phase begins

In order to maximise accessibility, we have created grades for participation:

  • Organisations with annual (gross) income  of <£100,000: £1000

  • Organisations with annual (gross) income of £100,000 – £200,000: £2000 

  • Organisations with annual (gross) income of £300,000 or more: £3000

*A 10% discount will be applied to not-for profit organisations and charities.

** A small fund is available to apply to for low-income organisations that can't afford to pay to take part – please email info [@] for more information.

"This was a fantastic programme which allowed us to learn from others' experiences of implementation. It was a hugely worthwhile investment in our journey to a four-day week."

- Manager at a charity


"Participating in the Rollout Programme (pilot) has been a fascinating process. The programme succeeded in drawing together a range of organisations with different perspectives and experiences to build a mutually supportive team - united by a common purpose. As you’d hope, it advanced our understanding of both the theory and practice of moving towards a four-day week pilot. But our discussions have also encouraged much deeper conversations about our business in general, which I believe will lead to lasting change."

- CEO, creative agency


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