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The evidence is clear: after numerous trials, pilots and case studies from across the world, the four-day working week with no loss of pay is a tried and tested success.

We've teamed up with the think tank Autonomy to offer a rollout programme for companies and organisations who are interested in moving to a four-day week. The rollout programme will help to make your organisation 'four-day week ready' and support you on your journey.

The programme involves

  • Online workshops with experts and consultants who have experience supporting hundreds of four-day week companies

  • Workshops on different models of implementation, improving productivity and business performance, measuring success and HR best practice

  • Problem solving alongside organisations in the same sector

  • Learning best practice from companies that have already adopted a four-day week

  • Regular troubleshooting events

future programme dates

  • 7 March - 25 April (2024)

  • 24 October - 12 December (2024)

You can sign-up to our next programme by filling out this form.


In order to maximise accessibility, we have created grades for participation:

  • Organisations with annual (gross) income  of <£100,000: £1000 (excl. VAT)

  • Organisations with annual (gross) income of £100,000 – £200,000: £2000 (excl. VAT)

  • Organisations with annual (gross) income of £300,000 or more: £3000 (excl. VAT)


"This was a fantastic programme which allowed us to learn from others' experiences of implementation. It was a hugely worthwhile investment in our journey to a four-day week."

- Manager at a charity


"Participating in the Rollout Programme has been a fascinating process. The programme succeeded in drawing together a range of organisations with different perspectives and experiences to build a mutually supportive team - united by a common purpose. As you’d hope, it advanced our understanding of both the theory and practice of moving towards a four-day week pilot. But our discussions have also encouraged much deeper conversations about our business in general, which I believe will lead to lasting change."

- CEO, creative agency

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