The UK works longer hours than most of Europe.

It is not making us more productive.

It is making us Stressed, over-worked and Burnt out.

It’s time for a 4 Day Week.

We invented the weekend a century ago and it's time for an update. Since the 1980s working hours have barely reduced at all, despite rising automation and new technology.


We're long overdue a four-day working week which would benefit our society, our economy, our environment and our democracy.

There are a number of options for introducing shorter working-time, which will reflect the requirements of different sectors. We campaign for a four-day, 32-hour working week with no reduction in pay.



  • Better mental & physical health – more time to recuperate, exercise, socialise and spend time with family.

  • A fairer society – a more equal share of paid and unpaid work, including of caring roles traditionally ascribed to women.

  • Strengthened communities – more time to build relationships, to care for children, the elderly and the disabled.



  • Lower unemployment –  Incredibly, the UK suffers simultaneously from overwork, unemployment and underemployment. A four-day week is an intuitively simple way to rebalance the economy and address many problems.

  • Increased productivity - numerous studies show that working fewer hours would boost the UK’s productivity.

  • Boost to tourism - with more free leisure time, the tourism sector would benefit from people taking more short breaks in the UK.




  • A more sustainable lifestyle – more free time allows us to make environmentally positive choices; cycling and walking instead of driving, cooking with fresh ingredients rather than buying energy-intensive ready meals.

  • A reduced carbon footprint – Research has shown that a four-day week could reduce the UK's carbon footprint by 127 million tonnes per year, equivalent to taking 27 million cars off the road (effectively the entire UK private car fleet).




  • More time to engage with politics, participate in local campaigns and shape society at a local, national and international level