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Trade Union affiliation

image with the title 'Healthier Future' showing a venn diagram of four day week benefits for business, the environment and workers. These are improved well-being, reduced energy consumption, and increased productivity and engagement.

Organising amongst workers for a four-day week will be vital – unions won us the weekend and many employers will be happy to leave it there unless unions are willing to take on the challenge and push for a long-needed update to the standard 9-5, 5 day working week.

In 2021, the Trades Union Congress (TUC) passed a motion at their annual conference to campaign for a four-day working week, meaning there is already the mandate for union groups to build campaigns at a national and local level.

Recently, the Australian Services Union (ASU) won a collective bargaining agreement to secure a four-day week for staff working for Oxfam in Australia and the United Auto Workers (UAW) in America have made the four-day, 32 hour working week a cornerstone of their campaign for better pay and conditions at car manufacturers across the country.

It’s time for the UK to catch up.

As a union member you have the opportunity to be a part of the global movement towards a better
working week by affiliating with the 4 Day Week Campaign and making your support official. You can download a template affiliation motion
here which you can adapt and take to your next district or branch union meeting. A copy of our constitution can be downloaded here.

Affiliation costs £200 and passing the motion puts you at the forefront of one of the major workers rights battles of the 21st Century. 


The research is done. The evidence is clear. It’s time to win the 4-day week.

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